Customer is

Our priority

Our company prides itself on our high level of service, we do not have a customer who finishes the process unhappy or does not come back to us down the road

We create

with Users in mind

Perform smart and real design while examining the user’s work with the products

Gil medical Engineering was established to provide a solution for companies that require high-level mechanical design and medical products. Gil medical Engineering has been active for more than 10 years in the Israeli market and provides various solutions to its customers

01. Product Design & Development

Detailed product design

Product planning and development is not a simple thing at all, with an existing product that needs to be upgraded or a new product to be put into the market, Gil medical Engineering is the best place to begin the process of developing / upgrading products.

02. Machines Design & Medical Products

Gilboa Engineering specializes in complex mechanical and medical design

Industrial machinery, agriculture, medical, etc. Gil medical Engineering specializes in custom-tailored projects. Each project is carried out in strict accordance with the customer’s rules and requirements, as well as the necessary standards.

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